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Therapy and Counselling for Eye Conditions London W1, N3

Counselling For Eyes was founded in 2017 by Susan Whitby. Her experience in the NHS and privately, working with clients dealing with eye conditions ranging from mild (blepharitis) to more complex long term conditions ( macular degeneration and eye cancers), has led to her conviction that a listening approach can both enhance treatment outcomes and quality of life. Her work supporting mental and physical health needs, has given her insights into the impact the body can have on the mind.  In her view, by understanding what triggers both mood improvement and deterioration or what lies behind anxieties such as managing care routines, can help regain a sense of perspective and optimism about the future.

There is a growing body of evidence from highly regarded Eye Institutions that offer counselling as treatment options;

Moorfields Eye Hospital Counselling Service
Dystonia Society
Macular Society

Their combined Statistics clearly demonstrate that the ability to cope with stress and deteriorating mood can be improved, if psychological counselling and support are readily available across a range of eye conditions.