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Therapies in London W1 and N3

The service provides gentle treatment options, via medical team recommendations or self- referral. This can help you make more sense of your symptoms, confusing feelings and the accompanying sense of loss, you may be experiencing.  We support you to find new ways to talk to those close to you, express wishes and fears and thus start to alleviate some of the added anxiety you may be experiencing.  Worries and concerns can get in the way of adapting to change, which can be counter- productive as you try to embed new routines to manage your condition.

Individual Therapy

We offer consultations, short and longer-term treatment options.

A consultation might be a couple of sessions to assess where you are now, what options might be possible for you and give some signposting if relevant

A short-term treatment will be eight to sixteen weekly sessions, often agreeing a focus for the work such as managing relational patterns that get in the way or around self- care anxieties

A longer-term treatment could be once weekly up to a year or longer, to help come to terms with how you are now feeling with the complexity of management and accompanying impact on your quality of life.

Type of Conditions we work with

  • New diagnoses like eye cancers
  • Macular degeneration
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Expectation of deterioration of sight
  • Pre and post-operative treatments
  • Laser Surgery
  • Dry Eye Syndrome, Blepharitis
  • Contact Lens problems